This is the story of two people and their dogs, on a journey to find a new life by creating a unique glamping site in Wales.

Helen & Nick


Helen and Nick met and have been together since university where they both studied engineering.  They have both worked for a number of international companies, working on multi-million pound contracts, working in places such as the USA, Taiwan and South Korea.

Both grew up in rural Yorkshire and have always had a passion for the outdoors.

Helen is a particularly keen camper and has been known to be out camping as early as March and as late as November. Her hobbies include, singing with a folk band, Japanese Kumihimo jewellery making and Live Action Roleplay.

Nick is more of a fairweather camper but loves rambling and visiting the UK coastline. His hobbies include playing bass in a local rock band, DIY and looking after the Hounds.

Daisy & Bob


Daisy came into Helen and Nick’s lives only 3 years ago, followed about 8 months later by Bob. They had considered having a dog for many years but it wasnt until Nick began working forom home that it became truly viable.

Both had had dogs over the years and where comfortable with the responsability that came with it, but nothing prepared them for the whirlwind known as a Beagle.  These dogs are extremely stubborn, fiesty, obsessively curious, laugh-out-loud crazy hounds, overly intelligent and stupid at the same time, lovable, needy and full of life.

An unplanned visit to Beagle Welfare ( in Staffordshire resulted in a return home with friendly 5 year old called Daisy; the only female in their care at the time from a pack of 22. Daisy settled in well, but it became apparent that she had some quite difficult neurosis; possibily brought about by her previous home life and a stay of 6 months at BW. Helen and Nick realised quite quickly that she was going to need some love, care and serious training.

They are not sure when the conversation about getting “some company” for Daisy started but after a few months a friend they had made from a local animal rescue ( sent over an email with a photo attached of the sweetest looking Beagle with the saddest eyes who had just been brought to the shelter.  It didnt take much for Helen and Nick to pay him a visit and within a couple of weeks a gentle but overweight 5 year old Bob came home.

All started well. Daisy accepted his presence although didn’t engage with him much, but once she realised he wasn’t going away then the fights began.  It was a very hard and tense time for all involving long hours of training and sessions with behaviourist but given time an patience a truce decended on the house.

Whilst Bob and Daisy are extremely different characters they have come to appreciate each other (well its more one-sided really, Bob truly loves Daisy but Daisy is still boss and she knows it). The pair are a handful, especially at walking times when Bob likes to saunte and Daisy obsessively follows scents at breakneck speed, but they are funny and unpredictable and loving.

Now at both 8 years old the dogs are the focus of life in the house and Helen and Nick wouldn’t be without them. It is their needs and behaviours that have motivated the couple to create Campingtails and to take a journey on a path to new life.